Section to configure specific settings for this application.

Depending on the client type, additional options are available.

Show close icon

Checkbox to show/hide the close icon in the application’s caption. When hidden, a user can only close the application by using the AUDISI logo (safety feature).

Show minimize icon

Checkbox to show/hide the minimize icon.

Date display visible

Checkbox to show/hide the date display.

Time display visible

Checkbox to show/hide the time display.

Show network traffic icons

Appear in every ONE-client

Checkbox to show/hide icons that indicate send and receive of Audisi client/server network data.

Date/time/display counter style

Appear in the CAB-Controller + ONE-Timer + GML-Blaster + GML-Browser

Dropdown list to select the style of counter and timer displays at the top of the application window.

Confirm closing this application

Checkbox to enable/disable a dialog window to acknowledge or cancel closing the application.

Synchronize date and time

Checkbox to enable/disable synchronizing the local system time with the ONE-Server system time. Use this option only when a client machine has no access to a stable and synchronized NTP time server.

Multi-processor setup
Run this application on CPU/Core

Dropdown selector to select on which CPU/core this application should run.

Application identification

Appear in the ONE-Server + GML-Linker + GML-Logger

Field to provide a name (purpose) for this application that is shown in the application’s caption.


Select the language and character set used by the application. May also change application behaviour, e.g. right to left handling and position of controls when selecting Hebrew.

Timing shift / time zone adjust

Appear in the GML-Player

Section to shift the date / time of the application back- or forward in relation to the local system date and time. Used for internet radio stations to take into account the delay of streaming or provide time zone delayed playout.


Dropdown list to select the desired option.


Dropdown list to set the number of days.


Field to set the time.

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