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Broadcast reports (as-run logs)

The GML-Blaster / GML-Browser / GML-Player can create broadcast report files.

Those files can be used by 3rd party scheduling software to reconcile non-played items.

The layout of the files is fixed column.

export in Dalet 5.x .BCR format

The Blaster/Browser/Player write items that are played into an ascii file per station.

For example: both GML-Blaster and GML-Player can write into the same broadcast report file if they use the same station.

A broadcast report file is usually created per day.


Start GML-Manager and go to Global > Broadcast reports.

Any changes to this setup is pushed to the playout clients that are using this Station after pressing MODIFY.

Select a station.

Export file format
Select a Report type (usually Dalet 5.x .BCR).

Station name
Leave blank or fill in a preferred station name.

Location of generated broadcast report files
This can be a local or network folder. Remember that the location must be accessible for the Blaster/Browser/Player.
Example: When using D:\Reports, the machine on which the playout application is running must have a D-drive.

Report file name format
Use wildcards to create filenames and also provide the file extension (.TXT / .BCR)

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