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Real time info / Now playing info

Export of metadata


Now playing (meta)data can be published in many variants (simultaneously). E.g. HTTP, File, FTP, vendor specific formats etc.

The playout applications GML-Player / GML-Blaster / GML-Browser can publish metadata at each start of an audio item. The settings are managed in the ONE-Manager (Global).

Exports are done per station. The playout client application that uses a station, will perform the actual export. This prevents keeping settings in individual client applications. Multiple clients using the same station will export to the same destination.

Changes that are made to settings of Real-time info / Now Playing info / Broadcast reports are immediately applied to the GML-Player / GML-Blaster / GML-Browser after MODIFY.

Audisi ONE distinguishes between two types of Now playing:


Export of metadata from one or more items (Prev / Now / Next and multi Prev / Next). The export takes place immediately at the start of an item.

Real time info (and Now playing info) depends on the Category Filter. This will only export items from a selected Category.

The Default data will be exported:

  • If no Category is selected
  • If an item is played that does not belong to a selected category

Multiselect: hold <Ctrl> and click the checkbox(es).


Export of metadata of a single item. The export takes place immediately at the start of an audio item.

Now playing info uses:

  • the category filter from Real time info (including the defaults)
  • the export filter (4 options per export)

Select one or more export formats and GO!


For real time exports of complete rundowns, please use the ‘Export rundowns’ of the GML-Aimexer.

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