Section to manage exports (database dumps) of the Audisi ONE database.

Dump type (file layout)

Dropdown selector tot select the desired export type.

Category filter

To select one Category or more Catagories.
Multiselect: hold Ctrl and click.

Destination properties
File name format

Field to give the dump file a name. Use wildcards for dynamic filenames (date- and timestamps and database fields).

Location of generated dump files (directory or UNC path)

Field to set the location for the dump file to be written.

Last modified (age) filter options

3 options to filter the export data.

1. Don’t filter

Export every item for the selected Category / Catagories.

2. Filter items that were changed over the last days

Selector to set the Maximum age (in days)

3. Date interval

Selectors to set the Start date and End date.

Dump process control

Button to start the dump and a button to abort the dump process.

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