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Strange representation of waveform


In some rare cases, the waveform of an item is shown deformed when zooming in at the Transit in a GML-Browser or GML-Planner.

At a certain zoom level, a part of a waveform is shown behind the end of Track 1 where wavform should not be showed at all.

The problem is only graphical. The false waveform will not be audible.

  • Search for the item and open the item Properties
  • On the LINK tab, note or copy the Hex8 Item ID
  • Open the Windows Explorer and navigate to the AWD folder
    The AWD folder is a subfolder of the Audio items folder. The location can be found at Setup>Global>File paths.
  • Remove the <Hex8>.AWD file
  • Search for the item again and open the item Properties. The AWD file will be recreated

From now on, the waveform of this item will be shown as expected.

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