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1 System item: Commercial Block

Remote Commercial Block

The System item type ‘Remote Commercial Block’ is the remote control of a specific commercial break in a GML-Player. It can start multiple GML-Players in case of editions (commercial split).

Like any other item, a System item is one line in the rundown of the GML-Blaster.

Status when idle:

The behavior of cueing (set next), chaining and starting the same as an Audio item. While playing, the System item dynamically shows the current playing item and the countdown duration of a commercial break in a remote GML-Player.

Status when playing:

System items can also be used by a GML-Player in Nonstop mode to control remote commercial breaks in a separate GML-Player. In this case the audio output of both GML-Players must be routed / mixed together to the on-air signal.

The successful operation of a System item depends on the configuration in multiple places. Once set up properly, a System item always guarantees the start of the right commercial break of the current hour.

System item in a Grid hour

A Grid Hour is a basic layout of an hour with specific lines for import purposes. System Items can be part of a Grid Hour. This will guarantee that the right System item (for remote control of the right commercial break) will always be scheduled in the right rundown in the right hour.

Create a System item

By default System items are located in the Category SYSTEM \ SYS: Specials.


Navigate to the Category SYSTEM \ SYS: Specials. Click the +ADD button to create a new System item. Use the Title field to name your System item (e.g.‘Commercial Break xx.30’) for easy identification in a Grid Hour.


The System item itself has four selector items. In all of them, the desired entry’s should be selected.
– System item type =Remote Commercial Block
– Station = select the Station which is used by the remote GML-Player
– GML-Player client = select the remote GML-Player which needs to be controlled (started)
– Grid Block = select the Grid Block which needs to be controlled

A System item can have a unique Reference number like any other item for scheduling purposes.


The GML-Blaster must have the ON AIR status.

A widget must be enabled and configured:
– open the Setup of the GML-Blaster
– go to Network > Monitor player 1
– select the Station of the remote player
– select the Remote GML-Player client
– the Show widget checkbox must be enabled
– the Show Recue button is optional, but you are strongly advised to enable.

Current hour
At the GML-Blaster, only a System item in the current hour will show the name and total duration of the corresponding Block in the GML-Player. Otherwise, the System item line will show [Empty].

AUTO start
If a commercial break is scheduled as a Block with Auto or Auto End, the corresponding System Item in the GML-Blaster will have its AUTO button enabled. To switch over to a Manual start, simply disable the AUTO button.

Important: at this moment a System item which is AUTO started will NOT perform the fade out a playing audio item in the GML-Blaster. An already playing audio item should be faded manually.


Last but not least the GML-Player which is controlled by the System item must be running and a valid rundown with one or more Commercial Break(s) must be present.


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