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    AUDISI ONE LATEST VERSION: v22.12 / FAM524 / 2022-Dec-31 PREVIOUS VERSIONS (ARCHIVED, MAY EXPIRE) HOTFIXES No hotfixes available or necessary at the moment. NEED HELP? AUDISI WALLPAPERS Download: Audisi Background 1920x1080px (Full HD)Download: Audisi Background 2560x1440px (Quad HD) FREE TOOLS Download: Audacity (audio editor for GML)Download: Tardis (time synchronization)Download: HASP…

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    Click the flag for your language. This instruction explains the update procedure. PREPARATIONS MAINTENANCE By regularly performing a Rundown cleanup and Empty Trash, the update process will take less time. The possible database upgrade is therefore faster. DOWNLOAD NONSTOP In case the GML-Player or GML-Blaster is on-air: the application can…

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