The CAB-Controller consists of four sections. They are explained below.

Section 1

[Optional, used in UNI-mode]

This section represent the faders of the console. When CAB is configured for usage in UNI mode, the fader lines are used to put/remove Devices on/from a fader.

Drag and drop a Device onto a fader to have this device on the corresponding fader channel of the console.

Section 2

Shows the virtual ‘rack’ with equipment. Here you can control a Device.

Press CLAIM (if available) to own the Device.
Use the CONNECT button to create a connection (Dial).
When connected, use the DROP button to disconnect.

Double click an Encoder / Decoder to select other parameters.

Doubleclick the Return to select an alternative return.

Section 3

Studio section for On-Air and Ring signalling.
Extra functions like Release All are available under the MORE button.

Section 4

[Optional, this section can be hided together with Section 3 ]

The Phone book with known connections. Search a contact by using the Filter, drag and drop a contact onto a Device and the connection is set up.

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