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This document contains information about the event logging of every Audisi application.


Shows the Event log window for live viewing of Events.

The top of the Event log window displays:

  • the location where the log files are written (a write error would be showed here)
  • the main important values of the CPU, Memory usage (WorkingSetSize) and PagefileUsage
  • the most recent Error (red) and Warning (orange)

A mouse click on a red Error or orange Warning line will remove the line from this window (but not from the log file on the disk). As soon as a new Error or Warning is logged, the red or orange line will pop up again.

This feature is very helpful when you haven’t checked an Event log for a (long) while. This will bring to your attention that an Error or Warning has occured in the past.

The buttons at the bottom:

  • CLEAR = Clear the Event log screen
  • VIEW DIR = Open the directory where the log files are written
  • VIEW FILE = Open the corresponding event log text file
  • CLOSE = Close the Event log window

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