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Every Audisi application can write log files per hour.

Since logfiles are a very useful tool to troubleshoot errors, it’s highly recommended to config this section properly.

Event log file setup
Path for log files

To define the path for Event logfiles and events that should be logged.

* Always use a local folder
* Create a unique folder for each application

Log filename layout

The filename of each log file is shown as:

which gives:

Cleanup old log files automatically

Dropdown selector to select the period after which a log file is deleted.

Event type filter

Those filters are preferably switched on:


Messages that need to be examined, except audio engine related items.


Messages that may be showing a problem, usually unharmful for normal operation.


Just to let you know.

Logging Event types that helps to debug and config:
(enabling is at request of Audisi Support)


Deep level information about the actions of the application. Very useful for backtracking. Enabling Debug is preferred, but optional in case of poor performance of the machine.


Useful to monitor memory usage, CPU load, objects. Only applies to the ONE-Server. Other applications show this option, but this does not work.


Information about user actions (click on buttons, activate functions).


Serious machine errors.

Audisi network communication

Can be checked at the request of Audisi Support.

Device communication

Detailed information about data and protocol exchange between a driver and hardware.

GPIO hardware

Detailed information about triggers to/from a GPIO device (logic interface).

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