Demo mode

With Demo mode you can run the software without a license. This way you can use the software for demo, test, and education purposes.

In DEMO mode:
– the ONE-Server shuts down after 15 minutes
– applications that play audio, have audible noise as well

  • a Windows computer (almost any computer will do)
  • the Audisi files (already on your system or download them here)
  • a database file (new from Bin\Data or a copy of your own database)
  1. At the demo computer, create the folder structure Audisi\ONE\Bin\Live.
  2. Copy the Audisi files + the database file into this Live folder. Make sure the database file is named ONE_Base.abs.
  3. Start the ONE_Server.exe. After a short while the message ‘No dongle was found’ appears. Select DEMO.

When the demo computer is part of the same network of your live environment, you’ll have to make some changes to the demo database:

  1. At the Server: Setup > Network > change the IP-address(es) and Port(s). This will prevent ‘Live’ clients to connect to this Demo Server.
  2. At the Manager: Global > File paths > at least change the path of Audio items. This will prevent changing / deleting of audio items on the storage.

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