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Connect And Broadcast. It’s that simple if you use this set of client/server applications.

Just use drag and drop from the phonebook onto a device and all technical stuff is done for you. The codec or other audio device is setup properly, the connection is made via POTS, ISDN, X.21 and/or IP and the return audio from your studio is routed.

CAB controls a pool of various models of codecs, hybrids, integrates Skype and HF equipment like receivers, transmitters and antenna rotors. It also routes audio using a digital audio system. From your PC in the studio you have full control and see actual status information of equipment assigned to you.

System setups range from small to large and complex installations with lots of audio channels, devices and even multiple routers. One thing remains the same: it’s really easy to use so your reporters and editors can take care of audio connections themselves.

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