Application for remote control of audio devices.

User interface with a ‘rack’ of devices at the left side and the phone book at the right side.


By default, devices are shown as a dark blue line with two buttons. The numbers below are corresponding with the devices as shown above.

  1. The device is connected and not claimed, so it is ready for usage in any studio.
  2. The device is connected and claimed by this studio. The current phone book name is showed.
  3. The corresponding ONE-Driver of the device is not running or not working well.
  4. The device is claimed by this studio.
  5. The device is calling the destination (a connection is drag-and-dropped onto the device).
  6. The device is claimed in another studio.
  7. The device is not claimed, so it is ready to use by any studio.

An incoming call or connection can ‘Ring’ until accepted or ‘auto-answer’, depending on device settings.


Shows the on-air status of the studio. The MORE button hides the Logoff function and the Release All function.


To store connections with often used connections, like remote studios, traffic- and weather announcers and guests. Each connection contains the name, phone or IP-numbers, encoder and decoder parameters and additional settings.

The phone book is available in every CAB-Controller that is connected to the ONE-Server. The Phone book section may be hided for a studio where users are not allowed to use it.

Incoming connections are automatically added to the Inbox folder.

Deleted entries are moved to the Trash folder.

The FILTER provide an easy search for a connection.

The INFO window show the main properties of a selected connection.

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