Application that knows how to control devices.

The ONE-Driver connects to the ONE-Server via TCP/IP and connects with the device via the required protocol to exchange control commands and status info between devices and the CAB-Controller/GML-Browser/VID-Controller.

The ONE-Driver speaks the languages of:

  • audio devices like telephone hybrids, IP- and ISDN codecs
  • audio matrices like DHD, Axia and Lawo
  • HF-transmitters and receivers
  • other equipment like cameras and video switchers


  • connect to and communicate with a device via serial data ports or network TCP/IP and UDP / Audisi ancillary data channel / Audisi ancillary data port / Windows messages / 3rd party DLL
  • send control commands from the Audisi network / application to the device
  • receive status data from the device and send to the Audisi network / application
  • connect to / communicate with an audio matrix like Axia / DHD / Lawo

ONE-Driver working as router for DHD matrix.

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