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Daylight Saving Time end

For Dutch instruction click the flag.

This instruction assumes the DST switch takes place at 2 am.
Please use the correct time of the DST change of your country.

The last Sunday of October the DST ends. The clock repeats one hour. The clock will jump back to 1 am when it becomes 2 am for the first time.

Technically, after the first 01:59:59 it will become 01:00:00 for the second time. The recommendations below ensure a good transition of GML applications to DST winter time.


Nonstop played by the GML-Player:

  • Hour 0:00 may end by an Auto or Auto End Block up to 59:59.999.
  • Hour 01:00 must contain 120 minutes of content. Change the Block properties from Auto to Manual.
  • Hour 02:00 can be started on time with an Auto Block set to 00:00.000.

Nonstop played by the GML-Blaster:

  • provide 120 minutes of content in hour 01:00
  • please remove every macro that controls the Blaster inside the GML-Player rundown or hour 01:00

When using time announcement jingles: keep in mind that it will be twice 1 am.


The recording of the first hour 01:00 – 02:00 is as usual.

The recording of the second hour 01:00 – 02:00 will be named as
<file name>.Part002.ext.

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