Filters are necessary for import of audio/video/ items scheduled by 3rd party software into rundowns. E.g. music schedules from PowerGold.

In this section, create a filter for the file type you need to insert into a rundown. Generally, a basic radio station uses at least two filters:

  1. for music scheduling files
  2. for commercial break scheduling files
Defined filters

Shows a list of present filters.

Create, Delete or Copy a Filter with the buttons in the bottom section.

Grid filter properties
Filter name

Provide a distinctive Filter name, especially when you expect to have more Filters in the future. For example when new stations are going to be added to the system. A Filter name can always be changed.

Filter description

Additional information to explain the purpose of this Filter.

Filter type

Selector to select the file type.

Select one of the available options and hit MODIFY.

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