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Windows Security


Now Playing exports are not working as expected.

Also possible: when using Now Playing exports in HTTP format (to internal or external destinations), the GML-Player / -Blaster / -Browser works extremely slow.


  • GML-Player audio level meters respond very slow after starting to play.
  • GML-Player transition to next item is exectuted with application hang / audible interruption(s).

This problem occurred with Windows 10, but you may experience the same issue with Windows 7.

  • The HTTP export is being scanned.
  • The logfile of the Audisi application is being scanned (debug logging with HTTP events).

Add the folder with Audisi files (logfiles, applications) to Exclusions in Windows Security. When you are running other anti-virus software, also exclude the Audisi folder in this application.

HOW TO (Windows 10)
  • Go to Windows Security
    – via Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security
    – or type: Windows Security
  • Select Virus & Threat protection.
  • Under Virus & Threat protection settings, click ‘Manage settings’
  • Scroll to Exclusions.
  • Click ‘Add or remove exclusions’ Select ‘Folder’.
  • Navigate to the local Audisi root folder.
  • Confirm with ‘Select Folder’.

You don’t need to exclude subfolders.

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