ONE-Manager\Equipment\Coding schemes

Section to define the coding schemes that are being used by the codec devices.

Defined coding schemes

Displays a list of defined coding schemes.

Coding scheme properties

Name of the coding scheme.

Checkboxes to enable/disable the coding scheme as encoder/decoder.

Basic parameters
Compression algorithm

Selector for a list of compression types.

Audio mode

Selector for a list of audio modes.

Bit rate (total of all channels)

Selector for a list of bit rates (8 kbps…576 kbps).

Sample rate

Selector for a list of sample rates (Variable / 8kHz…96kHz).

Advanced parameters

Selector for dependency modes.


Selector for compatibility modes (to be compatible with a device of another brand/type).


Selector for synchronization modes.

Resolution (quantization)

Selector for bit depth modes.

Comrex profile name (must be an exact match)

Field to provide the Comrex profile name that is used in a Phone book entry for the Encoder section of a Comrex connection.

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