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Windows checklist

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The points below help to improve the performance of the computer and applications.


Prevent Windows from changing the order of audio devices:

Windows updates (in particular the bi-annual major release) cause changes in the order of audio devices. Therefore always check the allocation of inputs and outputs of players and recorders after an update or upgrade.

1. Windows Settings
> System > Sound
> Sound Control Panel
> disable unused devices (rightclick – select ‘Show Disconnected Devices’). E.g. monitor audiodevices, onboard devices.

2. do not plug in or unplug devices (headphone, speakers, etc.)


Always setup Audio devices as clean as possible

> Update drivers
> Disable effects/enhancements
> Preferably select the broadcast standard PCM 16bit/Stereo/48000Hz
> Volume 100%


For better display of letters and numbers.
> Windows ‘startbutton’
> typ ‘cleartype’
> select ‘Adjust ClearType text’
> check ‘Turn on ClearType’
> select Next-Next-Next- Next-Next-Next-Finish.


> Windows Settings
> System
> Power & Sleep
> Additional power settings
> select High performance


Disable Green Ethernet (EEE) and other energy savers
> Windows Settings
> Network & Internet
> Change Adapter options
> rightclick the adapter
> Properties
> Configure
> tab Advanced
> EEE settings: Disable


Adding the Audisi folder to Exclusions prevent scanning of log files and HTTP traffic.
> Windows Settings
> Update and Security
> Windows Security
> Virus- and treat protection
> at Virus & Treat protection settings, select Manage settings
> scroll to Exclusions, select: + Add or remove exclusions
> select Folder and navigate to the Audisi folder on this computer
> confirm with Select folder

Also see the article about Windows Security.


> Windows Settings
> Update and Security
> Windows Security
> Firewall & network protection
> disable firewalls or create rules/exclusions.


Allow applications to use the microphone (audio inputs).

> Windows Settings
> Privacy
> Microphone
> Allow apps to access your microphone
> On.


– Disable SMBv1 (also check Windows and NAS)
– Raise GDI objects

The file Audisi_Registry.reg is located in the folder Data (inside the Audisi folder).
> double click Audisi_Registry.reg
> select Run
> confirm with Yes
> restart the computer
This is a one-time operation. If you’ve done this before on this machine, you don’t have to repeat this.

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