• ONE-Manager\Grid\Filters

    Filters are necessary for import of audio/video/ items scheduled by 3rd party software into rundowns. E.g. music schedules from PowerGold. In this section, create a filter for the file type you need to insert into a rundown. Generally, a basic radio station uses at least two filters: Defined filters Shows…

  • News: Together as ONE

    Press release [EN]
    Audisi & Triple Audio announce strategic collaboration!

  • Nieuws: Together as ONE

    Persbericht [NL]
    Audisi & Triple Audio kondigen strategische samenwerking aan!


    The AUDIO tab lets you: record new audio into the new or existing title upload a new audiofile to fill or replace this title adjust audiolevels for replay export audio to a destination with a customizable name, audio processing and quality This tab also shows the properties of the physical…

  • BETA test environment

    To run a (second) set of Audisi ONE for test purposes WITHOUT affecting the actual version. This way you can perform several tests, like a database upgrade to a new version, test new functionalities or convince yourself of proper functioning of faderstarts, playout, im- and exports, device connections, client-server communication,…


    The BASIC tab shows the general information of an item. Metadata Artist/Interpreter Use this field for the artist of a record, for the company of a commercial, etc. Key words Production status Set of states to identify the status of an item. Users (with rights to modify) can change the…


    The ITEM PROPERTIES window gives access to the metadata of an item. The tabs of the ITEM PROPERTIES window depend on the Item type. The item types Bank, Macro, Picture, Preset, Video and Preset show a different BASIC tab. Select an item and double click and / or press the…

  • Bank item

    Cart list & Hotkeys opslaan Algemeen Cart lists en Hotkeys kunnen worden bewaard in een Bank item. Bank items staan in de Category SYS: Banks Bank maken Klik rechtsboven op MORE en kies CLEAR. Zet items in een Cart list of in Hotkeys. Klik rechtsboven op MORE en kies SAVE….


    MAIN FORM PLAY SECTION PLAY to start playing. While playing, the button is changed to PAUSE. STOP to stop playing. Stop is performed with a short fade out. Level meters for indication of the audiolevel. Counter in STOP mode: Toggle between start / total duration. Counter in PLAY/PAUSE mode: Toggle…