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This section applies to every application where the section Global>File paths is present in the Setup.

A File path defines the location and type of files that are used by several applications.
For example: a file path entry may contain the location of audio files that are used by the GML applications. Every GML playout application uses this file path to retrieve audio files from a central storage.

Central managed file paths prevent the need to have separate (file path) setups in client applications.

* Be aware of the implications when changing a file path for audio files which is already in use by Categories in GML applications.

Defined file paths

List of defined file paths. Use the ADD, DELETE and COPY buttons to create, remove or duplicate file paths. Use the AZ icon to change the sort order of the list.

File path properties

Field to give the file path a distinctive name.


Field for additional information about this file path.


Dropdown menu to select the file type. The type properties are used by Categories and Setup options of applications.

Audio items (database)= folder for source files of audio items in the ONE database
Audio items (no database)= for audio files that are located on a disk, like a USB drive
Audio import= source folder for import tasks (e.g. GML-Linker)
Audio export= destination folder for export tasks (e.g. GML-Linker, Syncer)
Audio logging= destination folder for recording tasks (e.g. GML-Logger)
Video=source folder for video items in the ONE database
Pictures=source folder for picture items in the ONE database
Text files=source folder for text files like rundowns, music or traffic schedules

Full file path

Field to provide the drive+folder or an UNC/network location+ share and possible folder.


File path for audio files: \\\storage\Audisi\ONE\audio\items
or: \\storage\audio
or: D:\audio\items

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