Global\Audio processing

This section applies to every application where the section Global>Audio processing is present in the Setup.

Each GML application that import, edit, create or export audio items, can use predefined audio processing. Multiple profiles can be created and used for different purposes.

An extended collection of tools is available to apply audio processing at import, edit or export. With an optional license StereoTool plugins (by Thimeo Audio Technology) can be used.

Defined audio processors

List of audio processing profiles that are defined. Use the ADD, DELETE and COPY buttons to create, remove or duplicate a profile.

Audio processor properties


Field to give the processing profile a distinctive name.


Field for additional information about this processing profile.


Dropdown selector to attach a color to this processing profile, used for quick identification in applications.

Processing chain

The order of processing elements is fixed and is displayed by a scheme. An enabled element is shown highlighted in this scheme.

When an element is enabled, the corresponding parameters will become available.

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